I found a bug in my leftovers from a restaurant

A friend and I went to a Japanese steakhouse and had fried rice, and we took home leftovers. Upon stirring my leftovers the next day after I microwaved them, I saw a small bug that appeared to have been cooked in with the rice. I couldn't tell what it was, but could see the legs. I dumped the whole thing down the disposal. That's one of our favorite restaurants in town and it kind of grosses me out. Is that a one-off thing that happens at every restaurant or a reason to avoid that place from now on?

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  • Maybe that sneaky little dead bug was one of the ingredients for the fried rice. Consider it as a disgustingly good source of protein.

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  • What kinda bug was it? I personally wouldn’t eat there again.

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    • It was hard to tell because it was covered in crusty stuff from being fried, but I could see it had insect legs. That was the only way I could tell it wasn't just a random browned piece of food!

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  • Honestly, for me it would depend on several things. The general cleanliness of the restaurant, if the restaurant has good reviews regardless, and how much I like the restaurant and how much I've been there before with no other issue.

    But all of those things would have to be okay for me to go back.

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