I find it hard to open up

When I try to open up by speaking to someone, I just don't get to see myself better not to mention I find myself stressing myself up that I cannot open up properly no matter what I do I still cannot convince myself to open up, maybe it's that feeling that I am to afraid of everyone that I see but also my insecurities, whenever my friends try to cheer me up by smiling I do not laugh nor smile not even one bit. I am really thinking about just giving up on opening up considering it's happened for more than year since I've never got to fully open up.

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  • this is totally normal and i get it. i hope you figure out a way to learn how to open up because it can help but i understand being scared to do it and because i don't know the people in your life i don't know if they'd be good people to open up to. a therapist is a good person to open up to, though.

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  • Just finger it more or something I guess

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  • Open up to yourself first. Journal and be radically honest. Then you can decide what is and isn’t appropriate to share with others

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  • Yeah, its not normal i don't think but same here my family does not really even know me. I would say only 2 people truly know me but they don't really care that much bout me.

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