I find it enjoyable to play these games

These games, including Big Farm, Bus Driver, a game on brain surgery, and Dr. Mario World are those games I play on my phone and I enjoy them, even Global City, Good Nun, and real racing on my phone.
They keep me occupied with the rewards and challenges of such games. There's nothing like playing a bus-driving game when nobody's around, and as puritanical as I am I don't do gambling, dice, cards, bear-baiting, betting, cock-fighting, horse-racing, darts, tavern games, tables, most ball sports, most types of bowling, shuffleboards, or sports played for much money, but I play archery, bocce, retro football 3D, FIFA mobile, and Domino!.
So you can see I'm enjoying the games I play. 🙂 And one more thing: these particular games are on the top of my list, fishing is a good sport for the Puritans, as is pigeon-hunting. I rarely play fishing on my phone, and when I'm playing that fishing game it's the simplest, most unpretentious game I ever played. 🐉

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  • hardspace shipbreaker is the shizzznat hans

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    • Is this computer mumbo jumbo you're speaking? About hardspace I couldn't be bothered with this technical jargon, nor with shiznat but nevertheless I'm still technical, it's technical every day buying credit without ever leaving the house, and playing study music while focussing on my education. And what's even more technical than you take credit for my hardspace, whatever it is, is rather having a good time playing pong, or Galaxiga on my mobile, the only shipbreaker I have is the offline games to fit them into my internet-free schedule of spare time.

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