I find flannels and sweats sexier

I find flannel night gowns and nice sweats just as sexy your even sexier than see through negligees and tight fitting clothes. I think it just leaves more to the imagination and gives a sense of more excitement of what is going to unfold, is this normal. I know most guys talk about the hot chick in tight revealing clothes or hot teddies, but is that just guys being macho?

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  • Date a stoner.

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    • I'm having disturbing visions of me & my smoking buddies sat in a dimly lit very hazy lounge dressed in lovely flannel nighties. Giggling like maniacs, shovelling doritos down our throats while watching Takeshi's Castle.

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  • I think seeing a women being completely comfy is a total turn on. I love seeing kate with mussed up hair and stains on her tshirt while wearing flannel pj bottoms.

    It makes me want to ravish her and I usually do 😏

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  • Flannels are hot when unbuttoned and open. Sweats are hot when drooping down..

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  • Who’s discriminating, who knows when I’m an old granny I might welcome the idea of a young toy boy

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  • Perhaps you should date an old granny

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