I fell in love with my step cousin, what do you all think?

I just met my step cousin,we are related through a piece of paper my mom is married to her uncle seems stupid that being together would be weird, my family don't have family get togethers with my step dad's side of the family, In my head we are both adults, not blood related so it isn't incest.she would be an amazing mother to my kid, she's kind hearted, I love how much she goes out her way to help others, and so much more, since day one I've flirted with her, so it's not like she sees me as her cousin, and she's told me she loves me and gives me hugs. Knowing how I feel about her, am I wrong for falling in love with her thinking she might feel the same way?

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  • Normal.

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  • Does a step cousin even count as family if you weren't raised together? Are you adults "in your heads" or actual adults? My answer would depend a lot on this. If you're still young it would do good to meet people outside your parents' social circle.

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  • Your mom is married to her uncle? In your head you are both adults? What the fuck even is this post?
    Also even if she's just technically your cousin it's still weird. Please date outside your family and just keep her as a good cousin

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    • You are right, she's a good cousin, but if her uncle and my mom get another divorce. I'm asking her out and you can't stop me Yaidin.lol she'd most likely turn me down so what the hell is this post

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  • Of course yes

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