I feel sad because i've later known that i've been catfished

So I was on Instagram and I asked the account to send a real picture of her but when I done a reverse search on Google Images, it led to an image of Rachel Bush. I feel like I have been catfished, she shows nothing but fake feelings. For those who don't know I'm 17 and I am single. Now that I have finally got the truth now I know she's probably going to use me for money when I show her my real life face she pretends that she likes me. Now I am feeling guilty of myself the facts that I fed into those bald-faced lies.

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  • That's why you video chat with someone. And don't talk to people with fake names. It's easy to not get catfished today, it was harder back in the days when videochats weren't as common. Move on and don't talk to this person again.

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  • After looking up Rachel Bush I feel I should add to the advice here; if it seems too good to be true it probably is. The likelihood that someone with those looks needs to resort to 17 year-olds online is 0%.

    You’re allowed to feel upset at this betrayal but also take the life lessons from it, learn to identify catfish and not to trust people wholeheartedly before you know they are actually trustworthy. On the bright side you weren’t foolish enough to send this troll money, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Just have a nice cup of tea and move on with life.

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  • Well it’s time to learn to talk like a people and go outside to meet another people

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  • Did you give them money or personal details?

    If not then don't worry about it, it's just a lesson learned.

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  • did it cost you anythin? is the pic of you plastered all over the internet as a meme or somethin?

    if not then who gives a fuck just move on

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  • see a very easy way to find out of someone's legit woth 99% accuracy. Ask for 2 photos, one a standard selfy. The other tell them to touch their nose with their thumb and snd their ear with the pointer finger. Stops fakes with 99% efficiency

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  • Live and learn, bro.

    The vast majority of people are basically decent, but the internet brings out the worst in some people, and it also allows the true scumbags amongst us to prey on the trusting and naïve.

    It sucks when you suddenly realise you've been taken in by a scam artist, but the most important thing is that you weren't so gullible that you fell for the scam hook, line and sinker.

    You shouldn't feel bad if you've fallen victim to a professional catfisher. If it makes you feel better, think of the catfisher as someone living in some hell-hole of a third world country. Ripping off trusting and wishful thinking people for a few bucks here and there is probably the difference between them living in a doorway and eating scraps of garbage and having some sort of life that's actually worth living. I'm sure your life is much better than his in many ways.

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  • why would you show them your real face if you know you've been catfish'd?

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    • It was that I asked if I can their real faces.

      Since that happened I have blocked them.

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