I feel miserable with my job

I am miserable because my boss wants to be work day shift and normally I'm on night shift. And I'm very confused about his intentions toward me and I don't know if he meant permanently or temperarlly. He only said "We want to be self sufficient" and a co worker said he thinks I'm reliable. I'm wondering if that's cover up for I am a very bad employee? Fuck I always think negative and that's why I feel extremely miserable.

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  • Hey cheer up: day shift is better for your health than working the night shift. You are getting promoted to a safer work environment. This is gonna be better for your physical health and sleeping patterns.

    Downside is you might get paid less. Then again: what's more valuable to you? It's a tradeoff between higher wages and better health. What's gonna benefit you in the long run?

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  • Do you get more money for night shifts? I'm quite the night owl myself, it's fun, enit

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  • Be upfront with your boss about whether you'd rather work day shift or night shift. Also, your coworker was most likely being sincere. You're probably a great worker. Worst case scenario, it's a job no one wants to do because it's difficult or has a high turnover rate, but your coworkers think you can do it because you're a workhorse.

    I don't know anything about what job you're doing, but I know I hated morning shifts when I worked retail. Same hours, same pay, but the work was significantly tougher and closer-supervised. I told my HR person that I wanted to stay on evening shift and he actually respected that. I was usually only put on morning shift when someone else quit or got fired. Keep in mind, I wasn't the greatest employee, they just knew I could and would do it.

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  • If night shift is what you do then that's how you survive, tell the boss how miserable you feel and arrange to get back on night shift before you get really mad, this is my attitude towards support staff who get things for me arse up, I'm reminding them that if they mess around they get a piece of my mind.

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  • You are already doing the nightshift. Tell the boss he is lucky to have you as is.

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