I feel like my mom's handler

Is it normal user with the crazy mom again. I feel like I'm going insane. Today she was fine and then the vaccum wasn't working properly and she throws it on the ground and starts going on a rant. Then she opens the door and starts ragging on a worker about the carpet he's installing not being cleaned properly. I apologize for her behaviour and she comes back in for a few minutes before storming out again and having a fit about everyone in the building being a 'dumb incompetent bastard'. She gets so heated she starts crying a bit and again I apologize to the worker, telling him she's just in a bad mood. Now I'm here and I just feel like I'm my own mother's handler. Why can't she just have an inkling of emotional control? Why can't she just be normal?

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  • I’m sorry you have to deal with this nonsense, I never understood how some parents can sink to acting like their child’s child.

    Keep saving, one day you will be able to move out. In the meantime stay round other people’s houses when you can for breaks from her insanity. One day you will be able to live alone/with sane people.

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    • Funny thing is that I could move out at any time. I'm just cheap and have a strong dedication to my cat. Also the fact that my mom's apartment is close to my previous workplace which let me go due to coronavirus. It's still up in the air when they're going to reopen.

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    • I totally agree: the sooner OP can get away from her/his mother the better and in the meantime, could stop being her "handler" and apologizing for her.

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