I feel like I have no true friends

I just feel so alone and left out and unimportant.

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  • Oops sorry I accidentally pushed no.hey you might not having friends over there but I bet you that everyone who pushed yes this is normal here would be your friend if they could. like me.

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  • Be friends with people who put as much effort as you do into the friendship - I've learnt the hard way =]

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  • Just look how many people think this is normal!!

    Even the 'popular' people are insecure - hard to believe I know! This is very common while you are still in education but you will have a particular role when you start your career, and your importance is acknowledged by a salary.

    In the meantime, prepare for that day and don't worry too much as this feeling will pass. Try to be part of a group where you have things in common.

    Good luck!

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