I feel guilty for thinking that kids are annoying

I have no idea how to act around people's kids, except maybe the ones under 2 years old.

That's also when they start running around being annoying and making a shit ton of general noise, not just crying.

I feel guilty because it's not like they're being pissy brats. Sure, some don't listen when they're told to do stuff.

However, mostly they're just running around being happy and having fun, albeit very noisily.

Sometimes I feel like saying, "Shut up, you little shit," but it's not right to be mean to them. After thinking that, I feel bad.

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  • Well, at least you're self aware. I prefer dogs, and cats to most children any day of the week.

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  • Kids are unpredictable, annoying and needy, basically terrifying small people. 🤤😲 Parents are worse tho.

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  • I can't stand kids. They're loud and annoying, and most parents nowadays make it even worse by thinking that just because their kids are "having fun and being happy" when they run around screaming in public, that it's everyone else's job to tolerate it because "I HAVE A CHILD!" How sanctimonious some people get after they pop out an accident baby is more annoying than the actual kid.

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  • To each his own. I adore kids aged 3+ but don't like babies at all. Normalissimo!

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  • Kids are irritating, selfish, manipulative little people.
    Just don't have any, you'll be fine.

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  • Dont feel guilty
    These rats are annoying as fuck no second thoughts to that

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