I feel embarrassed of being an indian, any others feel that way?

Yes it's an ancient culture that comes with a lot of diversity and newfound wealth.

But deep down India's a third world country still stuck in medieval ages. They practice honor killings, caste endogamy, female feticide, have an infant mortality rate comparable to sub-Saharan Africa, lowest Human Development Index, and are more concerned about a stupid cow than feeding hungry children. Their leaders are all buffoons. Yes there are many wealthy Indian billionaires but they don't give a shit either about the gross injustice in that country.

I think describing yourself as Indian comes with a lot of unnecessary baggage here in America. It makes me cringe, and I try not to draw attention to it. These days I claim that my parents were originally from Mauritius which has 70% Indian population by origin but none of the negative associations with India. I don't even know the country's capital but it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't stink of New Delhi.

India represents the very nadir of humanity, and the source of all the basest instincts known to mankind. I feel so good about distancing myself from all that crap culture. Any other ex-Indians in that boat, tell me how exactly you feel? I'd love to hear your stories.

And to those Indians who want to correct my beliefs, do not bother. I hate your sick nation and stupid Hindu culture. It's the vilest religion that one could ever invent. Nothing about Hinduism is good or honorable to me. Thank you.

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  • I would not be ashamed to admit where I was from (and I am not).

    I have met some wonderful people from India, and sometimes they tell me that India, like many nations, has a variety of different cultures and groups; and they don't agree with many of them.

    Then as long as you act decent and normal... people will accept you as decent and normal; and the vast majority will understand about the different groups (we all experience that to some degree).

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