I feel duller days after quitting from chronic marijuana use

I was a very heavy marijuana smoker for four months. During the last month, I was getting bad reactions. I felt sick, paranoid, and simply couldn't handle it anymore, physically or mentally.

I've been clean for three days, and I feel dumber now than I did when I smoked. I have trouble recalling words, so I speak a bit slowly and can't always get the words out without thinking about them for five or ten seconds.

What's going on? shouldn't I be starting to recover? I was smoking so heavily that despite being half asleep most of the day, I could still function at a basic level. I could still recall words without too much difficulty. But this, it feels like I can't do anything sober. I can't even think without getting high. Is it normal for me to feel even dimmer for a few days after quitting from very heavy use?

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  • Read The Drug Repair That Works by Jost Sauer. It's awesome and has and is helping me to feel normal again after drugs.

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  • This is a looong post but may be interesting for those who can relate.

    @ crooked (36098)
    Thanks for the good comment. You seem to know weed quite well.

    @ yupyupuhuh (36090)
    You probably haven't done it heavily enough. I'm surprised that I didn't become a burnout over and over. I came pretty close to going crazy on a few nights. I don't have a predisposition to psychosis, but when you're being pushed around by forces, your bed is shaking, you feel like you're in a living slaughterhouse that's trying to eat you, then a horror-movie-esque hospital, hearing drilling sounds and screaming, you know that you've gone overboard. I wasn't even that high at the time, it was after day full of smoking. Go easy on the Jack Herer and super haze... no more than 20 bowls in one day... but usually it was 5 times a day, half to two or even three bowls each time (tolerance, strain).
    By the way, the supplement 5-htp is useful for restoring serotonin, which helps with depression, sleeping, and mental clarity. It works to a decent extent. Pot smokers should try it

    Residual effects (lasting from 5 days to now, probably more than a month):

    Food looks bad, my appetite is fucked. If I eat, my stomach hurts (gone).
    My eyes look slightly zombified, like I was just being choked (gone)
    My eyes look worse (circles under eyes, puffy lower eyelid, eyes pushed in, redder eyes, glazed eyes, not too severe)
    Very vivid dreams, especially nightmares about psychosis, but also very nice, almost psychedelic dreams. At first I remembered them, now I'm starting to forget them all the time, they're just so weird.
    A period of the day when I feel tense, like there's a chance that I might snap, usually when I'm starting to get tired but not enough to sleep.
    Creepy doors (hospital-like)
    Flickering vision, especially around lights, but even with eyes closed (sometimes)
    Sparks and staying after-images in vision (almost gone)
    Depression to the point of constantly imploding and walls closing in, feeling suicidal (essentially gone, thanks time and 5-htp)
    Everything is annoying and irritating, I can't help but pay attention to the more annoying parts of things (getting better)
    Eyes move more choppily, vision is less smooth
    Slightly exaggerated vision (subtle fish-eye-lens/cartoony effect)
    Fuzzy racing noise around edges
    Vision is more 3D, more depth in the environment
    Overall decrease in cognitive abilities
    Slight blurriness in vision, especially when trying to look at tiny details that I used to be able to (getting better).
    There are more effects, but this post is getting really long. I'll stop here. Thanks for reading.

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  • What you're feeling is completely normal and will work itself out in a few weeks to a couple months depending on various factors (i.e. quality and quantity of bud, individual biological factors). I've been a heavy pot smoker since I was 14--on and off--sometimes more on than others (i.e. currently).

    You'll also experience little to no appetite, vivid dreams and nightmares, irrational/depressed moods, insomnia, sluggishness, mental off-ness such as you've described, etc.

    It's important to exercise, eat right and take your vitamins while your body is detoxing. Doing so will help make the symptoms more manageable.

    Good luck and hope you feel better!

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    • Iam 22 years old .. I was a heavy smoker for 1 year.. I always used to get high with my frens.. I had a good life at that time.. But time gone differntly after a year..on last christmas i was gonna quit it because i was sick of it but i smoked that night got really really high... After that day i feel very weired n everything is unreal..i was going crazy everyday n had vivid dreams n nightmares.. .. I could not focused n concentrate on any thing.. Then after i started to drink some beer n never ever touch the weed again .. Its like almost a year but iam not feeling well still.. Pz help me ..

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  • Continue...

    The nightmares are thought to be caused by a shortage of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep pattern and has some other properties. When we smoke a joint, our melatonin levels rise to ridiculous and unnatural heights, that's why we sleep so well (at least we think, quality of sleep isn't that great when stoned, REM sleep is shorter). So when we quit, our brain/body is not used to producing enough of its own melatonin, resulting in insomnia, light sleep with really weird vivid dreams, sleep paralysis etc. This will stop, it just needs time, depending on how long you've been at it, and how much you've been taking. Try to look at it as if it's a positive thing, even when it's creepy as hell, it's just an experience.

    DONT take melatonin supplements, they will make your dreams a lot weirder and not help you recover your own production.

    - When people stop smoking weed, some will experience anxiety, this is kind of common for people in the western world between 20 and 30 anyway, and marijuana abuse can def pull you deeper into anxiety, trigger it or push it away, and let it grow in the background until you quit or snap. Long time smokers can reach a point where they suddenly experience an extreme panic attack that can trigger a chronic but curable disorder called GAD (general anxiety disorder).

    GAD/anxiety manifests itself in many different forms with many physicals and mental manifestations. Most common are: general feeling of discomfort, sweaty hands, chest pain, fear of going crazy, de-realisation (feeling like not really being there), muscle pain, blurry vision, insomnia, mild depression, fatigue, neurosis (OCD) is also possible.

    - Here is the good news: Anxiety disorder is a behavioural problem!!! Because it's a side effect of quitting and most will experience it for the first time and got no idea how to deal with it, they will end up clinging to it, and keeping it alive themselves. Basically you're in fear of fear, the fear causes psychological and physical manifestations which will cause more fear etc...

    Most sufferers of anxiety have moments where they forgot about it, and that was the best indicator for researchers to pick up the idea of it being behavioural about two decades ago. If your brain is sick, then why is it suddenly doing fine if you're with a few friends having a laugh or when you're caught up in a game of whatever?


    Anyway, it's been researched a ton, and the success rates of cognitive (behavioural) therapy are very significant and higher than medication, and a LOT higher if you consider risk of relapsing.

    Here are the things you need to do when you want to quit or when you're still struggling with withdrawal, even if it's been months, these things will help both with your withdrawal and with anxiety related issues, don't expect a miracle cure, it's hard work, but i'm sure it will work for almost everyone itt:

    - EXERCISE, mostly endurance, until you can't feel your legs and your heart is at top rate, every day, preferably two hours before you go to bed. Exercise is known to make the body more resilient to stress and it stimulates a bunch of hormones that will make us feel good, hungry and sleep better.

    - MEDITATE, while this in itself is already a great thing to do, meditating will make your brain more flexible and in control. You'll practice a technique that helps you cope with stress and anxiety. Try mindfulness, i'm sure you can find some audio books on torrent sites if you're too poor to buy it.

    - EAT WELL, avoid sugars and too many fats, you can't eat too much in the beginning anyway, so be sure that what you eat is healthy! It will simply help you recover faster and feel better.

    - I think this one is really big and falls back on the "most sufferers of anxiety have moments where they forgot about it" thing I said earlier: make a list of things you want to achieve in life (realistic goals) and then use that list to make a planning for the next day each and every day. Make sure you're not being to hard on yourself, but try to not give yourself any time to feel sorry for yourself. This will help you rewire your brain and get rid of the nasty anxiety related habits.

    - Don't talk about your "condition" any more, you've probably already shared it with others (like on a forum). Reminding yourself and your surroundings is not only not constructive, it keeps you aware of what is actually not really wrong with you. It's also annoying for people around you.

    - Avoid the friends that smoke weed for a few weeks. If they call you a pussy or weak because you want to quit, they're not really friends or they're trying to be an ironically "tough guy" at an inappropriate moment, make them aware of that and ask if they can respect your stand on it.

    - Don't go cold turkey if you don't have to, while it's true for a lot of drugs that dosage is not that important for addiction, with marijuana it is, because it mostly uses the body's own chemicals. By slowly decreasing your intake day by day in a week time(keeping a dosage log is a good idea) your brain will not be smacked in the face by a sudden drop in certain chemicals/neurotransmitters etc.

    - Don't use medication like xanax or antidepressants unless it is still unbearable after a few months or you have suicidal thoughts (really go see your GP now if you have them, then let him help you find a good therapist, and don't go home with only a box of pills, it's not a long term solution)

    GOOD, I hope this is helpful to people (it certainly is to me and i'll be using this as a guideline for the next couple of weeks). This is not a miracle cure, but I know from science and my own experience that this is the way to go at it. If you've been smoking for a while you probably turned a bit lazy, and I realize it looks like a lot of work, but it will be worth it.

    Good luck.

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  • I got no idea how old this thread is so sorry for bumping something really old if it is. I searched on google because i'm about to move from Amsterdam to Malta, where the laws are very strict (and kind of twisted).. Sooo, i'm going cold turkey and after reading some stories of people that got caught, will for the live of me obey their laws, if someone even comes close to me with any sort of psycho active substance i'll tell them to stay the fk away from me.

    Reading trough this thread made me a bit concerned, because there seem to be some gross misunderstandings itt. As an experienced smoker, reader of scientific literature on the subject, psychology master student, someone that overcame anxiety and few times quitter i'd like to clear a few things up, this will be pretty long so bear with me if you're serious about getting better, you need to know how it works in order to tackle your problem:

    - Smoking marijuana does not CAUSE anything directly, there has never been any scientific evidence for it damaging the brain (except for some biased research from the 70s that some conservatives still like to lean on, but it has been researched many times and much better after this). The risk factors you often hear about are for people with underlying problems and even a puff can work like a trigger, but not as a cause. Don't confuse damage with alternation either, it def alters your brain chemistry on a quite a few levels, in good and bad ways, but so does eating a lot of sugar every day.

    People that think they got dumber because of smoking weed either got more realistic about themselves (lol, sorry, jk) or are dealing with other problems that cloud the mind or they are overly focussed on it because of something they read about. (this is all anxiety, more on that later)

    - The withdrawal effects of weed can be quite severe for some people, esp for those used to taking it as a sleeping aid daily. However, I know people that smoke every day for a year and then quit without any problems. But that's not us, so lets get to the case...

    The reason we experience withdrawal is mostly caused by the brain being adapted to the input of THC and a bunch of other less well understood psychoactive compounds of weed on a daily basis. The "marijuana is only mentally addictive" thing you'll hear often, is simply not true. Mentally addictive implies that it's just a "feeling like doing it". But with the brain being an organ, and it getting unstable after we quit, means we're dealing with an actually unstable organ = physical. Most of the symptoms are already mentioned itt, so i'll leave those out.

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    • hi, ive been feeling depressed, and having anxiety and started becoming paranoid lately. Im 18 now and have been smoking everyday for the past year and a half. i started about 2 weeks before my 17 birthday. I believe i already had underlying problems in that i would be at times very hard on myself, and was probably already more susceptible to depression. Im planning on using your post to try and help me quit. at least for this stage in my life maybe when im older i might use on occasions. I wanted to ask about how you said to not quit cold turkey but too slowly go down in dosage over time. i was wondering how long you think i should keep going down in dosage before i quit all together. and how much you think i should go down day to day. like start by smoking maybe a bowl pack one day. then go down to a half the next, then myabe just a hit or two for the next few days? I dont believe weed is my problem but i dont think its helping my already underlying problems. if you see this please answer and let me know your thoughts. Just the general thought of having an understanding of why im feeling the way im feeling makes me feel a little better.

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  • Hi yupyupuhuh! Actually, at least for some of us, we do have physical withdrawal symptoms. I don't know if you've been using pot for 30+ years like I have. Maybe the longer you do it worse the physical withdrawal? You should might look at my previous comment to see that at least for me and a few friends it always leads to "cotton brain" and a "short temper/fuse" for the first few weeks. I didn't mention in my first post that I typically feel, "Fluish" the first 2-3 weeks, It's fairly miserable with achy bones, headache, mouth sores and a nasty temperament. Don't much like it and hate to contradict a fellow user, but this is the way it is for me. If you can recommend any supplements or other help for the transition, I'm all ears...

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  • Interesting comments on this thread. I'm kind of an old guy here at 51. I've been using pot off and on (mostly on) for the past 30 years. My first romantic interest at 21 got me to try it and there was no looking back. Yeah, I was always a shy late starter and growing up in an ultra-religious family I never got the chance to be serious with anybody or have sex or try drugs until I was on my own at 21.

    Anyhow, as I made my way thru life I found that pot always worked mostly pretty well for me whether it made me less shy and inhibited or made me concentrate more on the task at hand. Not long after I first started it became apparent I wanted to continue but didn't want to draw super heated smoke into my lungs multiple times a day (though since then I've read 4-5 studies showing smoking protects against lung cancer). I learned how to grow it from Dutch hybrid seeds and then grind it up into the consistency of flour and make "edibles," which were much stronger and lasted much longer than smoking it. Eating it made me feel physically a lot better and more energetic and obviously didn't make my chest hurt.

    While eating it once or twice a day I managed to learn how to become a software engineer, without getting a degree at university (ugh) and work my way up to a VP as a software developer at a major bank (I know, that borders on being a traitor these days!) I did quit cold turkey occasionally when I became frustrated with upper management and thought I'd look for another job. The experience of quitting was usually difficult and I'd experience what you and lots of other people describe here. The biggest problem was always the feeling like my head was stuffed with cotton and had a metal band wrapped tightly around the wad of cotton. I'd be quite grouchy, pissy, annoyed by the tiniest thing, have trouble sleeping and when I did sleep I'd have very vivid, technicolor dreams and generally a horrible person to be around as well as being unable to think of simple words or sometimes even remember how to code (computers). I never really felt like I had to have pot at that point, just that I was very in-between feeling high and feeling sober. Eventually I discovered that the amino acid metabolite SAMe would reduce my problems by probably 80% - much more than 5-HTP, for me anyway.

    Taking SAMe it usually takes me about 2 months to feel completely sober. Seems like a long time I guess but it took much longer, say 6 - 12 months without SAMe.

    I've retired and continue to use my "edibles." I really like my life the way it is and really see no reason to become sober at this point. I don't know that I'd recommend anybody else follow my path but I sure am glad I did!

    Best wishes to everybody here and may your path bring you a lifetime of happiness. Namaste!

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  • malfoy thanks an assload. i hope this forum aint closed as i have just now discovered the awesomeness of all you awesome bastards' insights. But this is my plight. I am 18 and have been smoking mary since the 9th grade. I have a good iq and a slightly artistic temperament(which may or may not be attributed to heavy pot/shroom use). Any ways, the first I smoked was by myself in the woods because i wanted to try it and it is demonized in the deep south by friends and parents. I got baked. Ever since then I've used it as rather and enhancer than an escape. If I listen to modest mouse, the shins, mason jennings, jefferson airplane, etc. it makes it better. sex is better. everything. except my dignity, maintanence of personal, business,, family relationships, distinction between reality and falsity. And for that I have decided to quit. I used to have the best times with sober friends sober hilling. Where did the good times go? Well they left along with my innocence and comfortability. Ever since I started smoking weed I have felt detached from the normal affluent, intelligent, good looking friends and girls I hung out with. Couldn't hold conversations, couldn't go on dates without a crutch. Ever since I started smoking weed I've felt like this is not enough or that is not enough. I've always wanted more. "More" that is unreasonable and unatainable. I have fucked up many friendships from being this monster weed pussy and its time for a change. Everyone has a chance. The'yre just too high to see it. And I'm not high now. Anyone want to join me?

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  • Thanks becks1983, I'll look into it. I want to feel normal too...

    Those of you who want to ask me questions or comment on anything, read my profile, an email account has been created specifically for this reason (marijuana problems).

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  • I smoked for a couple months once or twice a day when I was 16 I stopped because I started to not feel like myself anymore, a few days after I quit I started to feel EXACTLY like you did; not being able to speak right, not being aware of my surroundings, and having a severe decrease in not being able to pay attention to anything for more than a few seconds. I felt lost and started to question who I really was, I don't know if this was also combined with that "who am I" thing that teens go through but it definitaly sucked. I think I was about 5% of who I used to be right after I stopped. Since then its been about 2 and a half years and I think i'm up to 85% of who I used to be. I don't think I ever be 100%. I was so lost then(and a little now). Weed was the worst choice of my life.Period.

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  • Malfoy's hey do u have an email cuz im going though this shit right now and i need to ask for some help like how you got thought this??

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    • EDC2000 and all others who were going through this, I'm sorry I couldn't reply on time, I hope things are better. If you need help with a weed-related problem... have a question or something... just read my profile :)

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  • I hada similar feeling, but it went away after roughly a month. A single drug experience of any kind can cause severe damage if you're unlucky or if the dose is very high. You can go to a health store and get 5-htp to help restore serotonin. You may feel weird for a few months, but this doesn't mean it'll be this way forever. You'll most likely recover almost fully (or fully), and if you don't you'll get used to being slow. But I wouldn't worry about it. Whether or not it damaged you in a significant way is the past now.

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  • ya, that's cool.
    the framework! i've gotten that too. doesn't it feel like you've witnessed some grand, cosmic underpinning? i had a panic-attack or something like that (which is why i stopped smoking) several days after toking. only it was strange because it wasn't a classic panic attack (no choking feelings; heartbeat was just a little abnormal). i felt like i was going mad. everything went suddenly backward; i had been exposed to the underpinning of reality.

    god forbid i ever experience something like that again.. but phenomenologically, it was interesting. ultimately, i am much too philosophical to smoke pot. i used to think pot would compliment my contemplative, creative nature, but it only made it worse lol. i am better without it!

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  • Also, heart pain... at my age!
    Seems to be from a combination of sitting around all day, eating lots of crap (then very little), and smoking pot till my heart exploded (my heart didn't get that much faster after the first 2 months). Damn my cousin for introducing me. He was a sly devil. This is also kind of gone now, but it felt like I was living in a dream and my senses seemed like synthetic addons (i.e. vision is a tv in front of me, sound is speakers, touch is motion tracking/ pain sensing suit, etc.)
    Why do so many people in my jewish family seem to be corrupt, sly pot smokers?!
    Thanks for the replies, everyone

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    • Hey malfoy, just wondering how old you are. Also i had a really weird but mentally scarring encounter with cannabis and i guess im just wondering if you can relate / its normal.

      All my friends started smoking and talked about it like it was the best thing in the world. They said that it made everything more fun and that i was missing out on life if i didnt experience it. So hearing that i began to want to do it.

      I have only smoked 3 times, the first time i felt absolutely nothing(but thats what supposed to happen, right?). The second time I smoked i did it in the basement of a friends house at 2 am. At first i felt fine then it hit me and i just stood there staring at the ceiling for the longest time. My heart started racing and i panicd. I felt like i had no control over anything, like i was drifting away from my body and i had to try with all my conciousness to stop that from happening. I thought i was going to die and i wrote these letters to my mom and dad telling them that i was sorry. I thought the next morning would never come but it did. A couple weeks later i tried it again trying to see if my experience was just a fluke. After 1 hit i felt fine, after 2 all i remember is sitting in the chair and drifting out of conciousness. I felt like my brain was working at the lowest level possible like i couldnt even understand what people were saying to me i just nodded. Every few seconds i felt like i had just snapped back to reality. I would be like "Oh wtf just happened, now im fully awake" and that would happen over and over. It was the wierdest and scariest thng ever. IT might have been that i was scared shitless before smoking but i dont know.

      I have allways had nightmares about not being in control. like about being in the middle of the road with a car coming and not being able to move. I dont really know what pyschosis is but i heard pot can cause it. Im not sure if i should try it again just to prove to myself that i dont have to be scared or if i should just kick it to the curb for good.

      p.s. ever since then i have felt oddly detached and depressed. I haven't really felt myself and its been a few weeks.

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      • Fdawg94

        "I have allways had nightmares about not being in control."

        Pot can sometimes surface underlying mental issues, try to face and understand why you have this fear of being out of control.

        Pot can cause an underlying mental condition to worsen or to surface, but it will not CAUSE the condition to begin with. Stop smoking and seek help/counsilling/therapy for the underlying condition. If it goes away it may come back.

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      • But it can be very fun if you do it right. BTW, I think I completely know what you mean. It's like waking up from a weird dream over and over, and having constant feelings of deja-vu. I'm not sure if you got this, but I've also gotten the feeling that I was seeing "behind" reality, seeing a framework on which everything happened.
        It helps to try to move on and not worry. I've been through something very similar to what you're going through. Also, try not to stay inside all day. Exercise helps.

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      • Doesn't sound usual, but not rare either. Did you get the feeling of free-falling, like skydiving even though you were sitting still?
        What about the pulsating vision (seeing yourself in gray, things repeating over and over)? The very first time I did it, I had three good hits and thought I was about to die. I saw a bright tunnel, then I saw my rotting corpse fall into a dark hole, but it started to wear off about one minute after that. During the last few months of smoking, I returned back to normal within a day or two, but when I started, I'd feel slow and slightly depersonalized for 2-3 weeks. My speech was also very fragmented, like a speech impediment.
        Some strains will put you to sleep if you overdose, but others will let you get higher and higher until you have a psychotic episode (you can research on wikipedia).
        If you stay away from drugs and live relatively healthily, you should feel nearly normal within a month. I wouldn't suggest doing it again. It's not such a bad thing to experiment, but weed is a drug. I don't consider it a lighter drug than other stimulants, depressants, and even hallucinogens. It just depends on the dosage and strain. I'm feeling odd right now, sorry if I didn't type anything interesting. As for my age, That'll be kept private.

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  • Dude, you're my idol... Ive been thinking about trying out some kinda drug for the past few days just because my life seems so boring, but because of what you just wrote, i dont think i ever wanna feel that way. ive always ben kinda smart (not bragging) and idk if i wanna give it up just for a little 'happy high time.' Stay sober man! You're fuckin awesome!

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    • I'm happy to hear that. I didn't even mention the nightmares and serious depression and anxiety. At first, getting high is interesting and enjoyable, but when you do it regularly, life becomes boring, even if you do things that you used to like doing. Have you ever been drunk? For me, the day after always seems boring, I can't feel joy as strongly. It's kind of like that. Movies that you used to like seem boring and annoying. You scan the shelf for movies or games, but everything looks bad. I liked the simple world that I was in before.

      But after all the drugs, you start to notice many things and make many connections (some of which may be wrong) that makes you hate the world because you feel like it hates you. It essentially turns you into an asshole because you see it as an asshole. This doesn't happen to everyone, but it's fairly common among drug users, including pot smokers.

      Anyway, I wouldn't recommend any recreational drugs, including psychedelics (which many people consider harmless), and unless you've tried many things to help you sleep (and failed), I wouldn't take sleeping aids either.
      If you try long enough, it tends to fix itself.
      Now that it's been several weeks, I'm recovering somewhat. The problem is that drug-induced damage tends to show itself again once you're older, so the damage that you are doing to yourself may be more serious than you think.
      One last thing: Weed isn't really a gateway drug, but what most people get addicted to is the buzz/intoxication. So any drug that gives an enjoyable buzz has a strong potential of getting you hooked not to that drug specifically, but to drugs in general.

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    • You definetly made the right choice, getting brain-dead isn't worth losing who you really are. I wish I had your mentality before I started smoking, my life would probably be way different. Kudos to ya.

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      • I really wish that I'd stopped at four months. Now I'm at roughly a year of daily drug use. During the first four months, I used high-quality marijuana several times per day. After that, I switched to lower-quality and Indica-dominant strains, which helped to slow the damage.

        At six months, the marijuana was becoming a big problem but I began using other drugs instead of stopping all of them. I used Zopiclone a few times per week at doses of 7.5mg (one tablet). I found it useful not only for sleep, but for anxiety-relief, escape, a depressant to counteract the anxiety and paranoia caused by weed. I took 100-200mg of 5-htp on most days, which I now think contributed to the anxiety.

        At 8 months, I began to abuse alcohol. By 10 months I was taking 5-10 Zopiclone tablets about once per day, using more weed (of a lower quality) than before, using large amounts alcohol (a small alcohol buzz all day, then getting drunk in the evening). I used salvia 10x and 20x a few dozen times, did DXM and mescaline in low doses (four times each).

        Around 10 months or a little more, I was using Benadryl, large doses of Zopiclone, alcohol, speed, and Valium in combination and often at high doses, sometimes resulting in blackouts and complete amnesia, other times resulting in psychotic hallucinations (relating to death, being in hospitals, prisons, and slaughterhouses which seemed *more* real than reality at the time).

        I used to be great at mathematics, but by this time my brain was being damaged rather heavily. Before using drugs, I could mentally multiply 3x3 and 4x4 digit numbers within a short time. My friend and I were woodworking a few months ago, and I got the answer to 46 - 1.5 (or so) wrong. I could go into details, but to keep things short, it was *very* unpleasant most of the time, with severe anxiety, extreme depression, psychotic symptoms, strong paranoia, agoraphobia and antisocial behaviour, minor hallucinations, a few delusions, a confusing, broken-down worldview, and a broken ego. I have since drastically reduced my dosage and I am trying to quit drugs altogether (weed and zopiclone are the main ones).

        I came extremely close to having a psychotic episode on several occasions, thinking a bomb had been dropped or robbers had broken in, seeing police lights on everything, thinking objects were alive, being deleted from reality or walking through a factory which surrounded reality, etc. A recurring and particularly long-lasting one was the ability to see assassins under/behind doors. The doors were often elevated so that I could see legs, and sometimes the doors were used as shields by the assassins who were running and trembling while staying in place.

        Some good advice is to stop using drugs, period. The claim that weed is good for you is nonsense, and the same goes for psychedelics (acid, mushrooms, mescaline) which, I warn, can be quite convincing.

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      • I'd like to add that I will never be as sharp as before, but each month is better than the last, and I am confident that my mind will be pretty normal in a few months, or perhaps a few years. If you're worried about your drug use, don't continue. I find that stopping altogether (the few times that I did) is a much better choice than using more of the drug or using a different one.

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  • This is normal, I smoked pot off and on for many years, but regularly (like every day) for about two years. I quit smoking regularly two years ago and just within the past six months or so am I starting to feel like I'm getting my old quick wit back. It takes time, but stick with it.

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    • Hey, i tried pot a few times. For some reason i feel like everything is DIMMED and like im not thinking about what im doing. Its sort of bothering me adn i want my old self back. Will i ever get out of this weird altered state of mind? If so how long? any ways to make it go away?

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    • OH, and yeah, the first week or so after I quit, my appetite was all messed up and I couldn't think straight. I was depressed and moody and emotional. So I think it's pretty normal!

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      • That's good to know. Thanks for the response.

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        • i was the same. i smoked weed every single day for over a year. 2 of those months have been at 6th form and 5 of them at Uni. It hasnt detrementally affected my grades as i got a mix of A's and E's at A level simply because of no interest in some subjects. while soking every day at uni i had no problems except becoming isolated and just wanting to be high. After deciding to stop smoking weed until the summer holiday starts, i had trouble talking and forming conversations and have bad anxiety but thats because i only ever had access to homegrown manipulated crap that had no CBD in. im now abel to train properly and communicate and listen in lectures more easily but my interest in my philosophy course has decreased as a result. I have now been sucked back into the mainstream way of life. But obviously that depends whether you want that as to whether its bad or not. After a few weeks you will be much different and back to how you were before you smoked it regularly but as i say your interests will change back into so called regular normal things.
          Its hard going cold turkey simply because you constantly think that life is shit without being high, but that all does depend on you intrinsic views of life anyway. But after a while i personally stopped craving teh high and now im waiting until my exams are voer until i start smoking it again, and then when the second Uni year starts i will stop again.
          I Hope this helps.

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  • Oh by the way, there is nothing to recover from when stopping smoking (physically), mentally there will probably be a craving for it.

    You are showing signs of depression, smoking does not help with that nor do any mood altering drugs. Get psychiatric help for your depression, and do let them know of any mood altering drugs you have been taking, regardless of legality.

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  • I have been smoking cannabis since I was 16, I am 23 now. I usually grab an ounce at a time which usually lasts 2 weeks. I feel that my performance as a person and as an employee of a large IT company (contracted to the government) have not been at all adversely affected by my smoking.

    In fact, I love computer science, everything about it, which is where I get my drive from. I live to learn. I treat cannabis like alcohol, you don't do it at work *duh* and as a recreational drug.

    I personally don't drink because I hate the way I don't have full cognitive control over myself, and the mornings just suck. Its always funny when I wake up at 7AM and my roomates sleep 'til 2PM to recover.

    I attend a large computer security conference DEFCON and a lot of the attendees also smoke cannabis. Also, a lot of them that I know are contractors of the DoD; they don't get tested because any way you spin it, they are extremely bright individuals.

    I think, If you are feeling dull, you really don't have a personal drive (a true passion), that you are using it to get away from something, or avoid real live, which is a symptom of depression not cannabis.

    I cant wait until it is legal and the Govt can start making money from it! It will be legal in California within the next two years, it will be a success there and emulated across the country.

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