I fear that this time, we may be in the end times.

" I am not a religious person at all, In fact I reverted to Atheism last year. However I feel we are in the End times, despite being a non-believer for many reasons I won't explain. We've had so many warning signs that we could be nearing the end, Floods are getting worse Last night I had a Dream that the world was going to end but It didn't and it's The first time in years since I had a rapture dream.

You are probably wondering why I even think this since I mentioned I am Atheist, I don't know why. It's like more of a feeling I have, If you read the Bible, in which I don't read all that much anymore It explains the signs of The end and I see it all accurately happening now.

I have been feeling a lot of Dread because of this. I could be over-thinking, but with global warming; it's getting worse.

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  • I agree. The world is going to shit lately. Pandemic... russian war... inflation... more pandemic... global warming.... my country has increased violence completely out of the ordinary lately... Yeah who knows? I guess we will see what happens next. I am ready.

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  • I believe that we have been in the end times for at least 2000 years.

    Please keep in mind that gods time is not human calendar time.

    I would not panic at this point.

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  • I'm not at all religious but the science is undeniably scary. Global warming is going to be a huge problem in the decades to come. I don't see how we're going to stop it in time.

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  • Who cares?

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  • I believe that the promulgation Vatican II marked an apostasy within Catholicism and is the predicted end-times counter church of the Bible (prophesied in Micah, Revelation, and elsewhere) which will continue to deceive the masses with a false schismatic religion until Christ returns, the day or the hour no man knows.

    This is not an uncommon belief amongst religious groups of all kinds, being as the end times are an innate archetype. Even scientists of course pontificate on entropy and the heat death of the universe.

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  • In the bible it says there will be a one world government. You see them all the time pushing for globalism. The bible speaks of nuclear bombs, cell phones, and chips. All the prophecies are coming true

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  • people have been thinkin this since forever

    shits fucked up yeah but it always has been

    quit watchin the news its designed to demoralize and divide

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  • If I was an atheist I don't think I'd care one way or another if we were in the end times. Whether you die of murder, an accident, suicide, natural causes, or the end days, if there's nothing after this life then it all amounts to the same thing

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  • Were not bro. Its just a capitalistic ploy to keep you in a caveman state. We thought the world was ending so much its silly

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  • I think even if you aren't religious it can still be said the Bible contains accounts of very apparent natural disasters human beings lived through and their points of view from it.

    And with climate change speeding up these processes, it's definitely going to terrify a lot of people regardless of faith.

    I'm a Christian myself. I'm already passed the point of being scared of being at the end of times if that is true. I think I've already kind of of known that even before I was Christian. I am at peace with it.

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  • Op doesn’t have brain farts.

    They are the brain fart.

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