I experience attraction to men when i learn they're gay/bi?

I can acknowledge a man is good looking, but it's hard to experience attraction unless I know he's queer. The moment I learn a man is straight, I practically don't give a fuck about him, no matter how handsome he was before. If a guy is gay/bi though, he could be 'average' but would immediately go up a few points in my book, attraction-wise.

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  • OK, well than I am gay!!!!

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  • Important piece of information missing: Are you gay? If so, finding men more attractive if they're also gay is... pretty standard, I'm pretty sure.

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  • When and how did you know?

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  • Do you enjoy watching men perform sexual acts together?

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    • I'm more of a pictures kind of guy, but I like to watch gay porn.

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  • You may have gay tendencies. I’m bi and like str8’s but I like other biguys better. On the other hand I don’t like to be around gays that much.

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