I drink whisky with cola in a can and i still drink wine

Specifically it's Scotch whisky with cola in a can. This could cost $6, it's expensive. I still drink wine, but the very thing which is awful is ever getting caught drinking alcohol, at least I don't get drunk. What's real is that I bought this bottle of Scotch and mixed it with cola, when it's cheaper to get this mixture in a can. Yes, that's right. As with wine, that's child's play, I buy $15.30, $11, or $7.65 worth of 12 bottles of Coke, then buy a $5.50 bottle of wine and mix it, but with Scotch it has to be premixed so as not to cost too much. Do you see the delight in having alcohol?
Of course the Scotch whisky and cola should be put in the Coke bottle, just to avoid traumatic experience. And now we see that I'm no longer a wino but a drinker.

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