I dont want to be old

I always want to be young and handsome like i am now .
Can i stop being getting old ? I know thats crazy but i wanna know ...

notice:- dont suggest PLASTIC SURGERY . Thank you

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  • Don't smoke and stay out of the sun. Everything else is just genetics and you can't do much.

    If it makes you feel any better though, by the time you're at an age where you don't look so youthful, you won't care as much because your whole value system and outlook on life will have changed.

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  • me too I prefer death to old age and certainly don't wanna live past 70 but maybe that might change

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  • Its normal to not want to age but its a natural way of life and then we die. Life is about making the most of it while we're still here. Eating healthy, not smoking or drinking alchy lots and having an active lifestyle can slow down the ageing process/ prevent serious health problems but unfortunately, I don't have a vial from the fountain of Youth that you could drink from!

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  • Getting older sucks, but it beats the alternative.

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  • Be like everyone else. Use old pictures for profiles. Stay forever young on the internet social media.

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  • No one on earth has figured it out. Id say staying in shape is your best bet

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