I dont like hugging ugly babies

Is it normal a lot of my friends w/ babies at partys i love to play w/ them but one of the boy baby is super ugly im like, get it away from me, ew

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  • It's perfectly normal besides to be revolted by children besides in my experience most will just grow up to accuse you of pedophilia!

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  • But they all look the same

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  • But if you hug them you'll spread your beauty ):.

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  • It's your prerogative to choose which babies you want to hug, but it's not like the babies can help it if they're ugly or not.

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  • I kNow you are not married yet. I will make sure I find you and hex you when you are married and make sure you have ugliest baby in the world.. let's see of you ever hug your ugly baby then..

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