I dont like audiobooks

I cant focus when someone else is reading the story. It messes my brain up and bores me. I need to read myself. I dont understand how audiobooks are popular. It doesnt even count as reading ans is more like listening to a podcast. I also find it cringy often how people sound when they are reading out loud. Trying to sound serious or making voices or whatever they choose to do. Nothing enters my brain when I listen, only if I read myself do the story actually stick. I read pretty fast even when I havent read a book in years so maybe they read too slow for me as well. How are people lazy nowadays cant read a book.

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  • I understand why you get bored.

    Listening is a passive activity. Great for entertainment value, but not good for actual learning.

    Reading is an active activity, and mentally you are hearing it with your own voice. Retention rates are about 3 times better than listening.

    I almost never use audio-books as I read to learn a lot more than I read for entertainment.

    Enjoy your reading.

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  • Audiobooks are good for times when you can't actually read. I think most people use them while driving or jogging.

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  • I agree with you in that some speakers are terrible, but I love audiobooks for listening while driving.

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  • I'm listening to an audio book right now.

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  • I go through spells where ill listen to one a day while I'm at work.

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  • It's alright to hate audiobooks :)

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