I dont dream

i never dream i have dreamed once in my life is it normal to not dream i read an article that said that is a sighn of no personality but i got that by the ton so i need opinions

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  • Dreaming occurs during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. I'm going to guess that you are a young or middle aged adult, in which case you should be getting about 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep where 20%% of your sleep cycle should be REM sleep. Sometimes people don't get to the REM cycle during sleep because of certain sleep disorders like Insomnia. If you are having problems staying asleep during the night (you frequently wake up or toss and turn) you probably aren't getting to your REM stage of sleep which means, you won't dream. That could be one possibility. If you're not having problems sleeping, you're most likely just forgetting them. A lot of people don't remember their dreams when they wake up. But just because you don't remember doesn't mean you didn't dream. There are reasons for not remembering but I'm not 100%% sure on them. I know that it has something to do with the sleep cycle and waking up too early after or before REM sleep. I can't remember.

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  • I rarely dream that I can remember. If I do dream, they are generally nightmares. At least you don't have that problem.

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  • only the brain dead do not dream... lol .... l dream each night

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  • To dream, you must have at least 4 hours of deep sleep. Maybe you just Arnt getting that. If you have babies to take care of, it is normal, but otherwise you might need to get a better nights sleep. Also, as the other comment said, you might not remember them and that makes you feel like you just didn't have one. So not to worry, just try to get a little more sleep.

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    • ^^^^^ noooo i can take a nap of 10mins and can have a dream. And the op prob cannot remember the dreams. I sometimes remember them wen i wake up but wen i try remember wat i dreamt a couple of hourse ago i cannot remember anything.

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