I don't like the words "stink" and "nice"

I dont like the words "stink" and "nice"
they sound ugly to me

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  • Yeah those words aren’t nice, they stink.

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  • Nice post mate, I hate stink too. Stink is never nice!

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  • It's normal to have a intense dislike for words.

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  • Meh, normal. Personally, I can't stand the word "drool" . Lol

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  • I can't think of any words I dislike out of context.

    Googling this question, I came across the results of an informal (and very small, I assume) survey carried out by someone who asked people what words they particularly disliked. It's here:


    I find it amusing how many of those words have sexual connotations, leaving me to wonder if the author's survey sample consisted of mainly prissy, sexually repressed young women.

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  • That's the point. They were both originally negative words.

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