I don't like chocolate at all and prefer gummy worms/skittles

I wonder if anyone else is like this. It has nothing to do with health concerns but purely the taste.

There's something about chocolate ever since I was young that I just never liked. The taste was repulsive even high quality chocolates like Ferrero Rocher and not crap like Hersheys.

The only thing I can tolerate is chocolate cake but even a few bites makes me feel uncomfortably full. It doesn't really satisfy my appetite.

When I discovered sour skittles, gummy worms here in Ireland I went crazy for them. They tasted really good and moreso I wanted to eat them over and over.

I've heard this may have to do with a caffeine intolerance as chocolate and cocoa beans have a high amount of caffeine in them and I get very nauseous when drinking coffee. Even my mother gets nauseous when she drinks coffee and funnily enough doesn't like the taste of chocolate

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  • And I prefer balls over candy in my mouth, we don't always get what we want.

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  • I also have the opposite problem as you with caffeine. It seems that you are super sensitive to caffine where as myself needs a shit ton to feel anything. The average cup of coffee has 50 mg in it and I take like 300 to 500 mgs some days. I need at least 200 to feel shit. Everyone is different I guess.

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  • You lost me at the second sentence.

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  • https://youtu.be/atY7ymXAcRQ

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  • First, Hershey's - and mass-produced American chocolate in general - tastes like waxy crap once you've experienced good quality British or Continental chocolate.

    Chocolate does indeed contain caffeine, but not that much compared to coffee.

    There are lots of other compounds in chocolate that might be causing you problems, but I wonder if you might be a "super taster" - one of those people who has more tastebuds than average. Do you also dislike broccoli, Brussels sprouts, dark chocolate, dark roast coffee, spicy peppers, creamy or especially sweet desserts? If so, you may be a super taster. It's a spectrum thing, rather than an either-or, so if you like some of those things it's possible that you're somewhere closer to super taster than normal.

    I really like chocolate and some of the foods on that list, but I absolutely detest beer, broccoli and sprouts since they just taste very bitter to me, and I'm very sensitive to bitter tastes in other foods that my wife doesn't notice at all.

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  • Normal. Your individual taste preference is yours.

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