I don't know what's normal

I don't know how to do things normally in relationships, friendships, dating, life in general, and I always get paranoid that I'm doing something wrong when I try to do something I haven't done before. I think I've been doing everything wrong my whole life and it hasn't been pointed out to me I don't know the right way to do things. Everyone else seems to act like it's obvious what you're supposed to do, but when it comes to actually doing things I just feel stupid like I'm trying to copy them but it doesn't feel natural to me, but they make it look like it should come naturally. Am I just stupid? Am I an alien or something?

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  • It’s a very hard thing to learn, but you will realize that nobody knows what the hell they’re doing in life. Even the people who look like they have everything together and are on top of the ball, they don’t have a damn clue what they’re doing.

    Everyone gets nervous, they’re afraid of many things, and they think everyone else has their shit together. There’s no magic switch that gets flicked when you get older where you suddenly know what you’re doing, you just learn to better roll with the punches or fake it till ya make it.

    It’s also a good thing to learn that nobody is watching you, and hardly anyone cares what you do anyway, they’re far too worried thinking everyone else is watching them instead. This is just silly, but very very normal, human activity

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  • The older you get the more you realize no one really knows what they're doing. You'll also worry less about not knowing what the hell you're doing. Most of life is just ad libbed.

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