I don't have many hobbies or interests

I am not a person of many hobbies or interests, and find it really hard to get interested in things. My interests are usually fleeting and temporary as well.

I rode horses for most of my life and had a love-hate relationship with it, enjoying it a lot as a kid and teen until I got hurt, then finding it stressful as an adult. I got out of it and miss the fun parts of it, but know I would easily burn out again.

I played the violin for five years and just burned out pretty much overnight. I've had very small bursts of interest over the years, which were quickly squashed after I got it out and played it.

I just cannot develop interest in anything anymore, at least for more than a couple of weeks. I don't know why. I am an impatient person who is very hard on myself and makes it really hard to enjoy anything that takes time and practice to perfect (so nearly everything), but I don't even have interest in simple things. Cooking is the only thing that has somewhat captured my interest, but there are many days I don't feel like doing it.

Is anyone else like this?

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