I don't believe in arse goetia demons

It's about demons ruling other shit tons of legion of demons under them or something. Who would believe in this Arse Goetia bullshit?

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  • Stay away from it. It sucks if demons come. Nothing but regret and don't even be curious. It's not like the movies and the Bible explains demonic activity well. After dealing with these spirits in real life myself I recommend sticking to the Bible. I worked in the music scene and spent a lot of time around Satanists. All it brought in my life was mental illness, sickness, misfortune and tragedies. There is a reason demons are considered to be evil.

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  • Are there people who actually believe in them? I always figured that people who get into demons and deities who don't make an appearance in mainstream religion was more did it more as a hobby than as worship

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  • Never heard of it.

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