I don’t understand drag queen story hour

I’m not against drag queens and what not, but I have no idea why they are reading books to children.

Drag queen has always been something adult themed and has no place for elementary students.

I DO find it weird drag queen story hour is becoming more popular.

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  • It's fucking disgusting.

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    • Disgusting? What? How? How fucking dare you have something against Trans people! I can't even believe my eyes.

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  • Because the population, especially young moms, is pliable and weak minded.

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  • They’re groomers.

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  • It doesn't sound too different from just a regular panto. The kids probably think it's just a fun dressup thing.

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  • I'm totally against drag queens, but the weird thing isn't the drag queens, it's the rest of society around the drag queens. If bringing your kids to drag shows is somehow a thing, you need to analyze why that is and why they think it's a good idea. I get that some people think it's some sort of kabuki thing, but... come on.

    Look at most drag queens, read their aliases, and watch their acts. If they were actual women and not men, would it be okay for kids to participate? If not, why not? And if so, what other child restrictions would you be okay with simply removing?

    (I'm phrasing this post like a grade-school short-answer question on purpose.)

    What also bothers me about this issue is that it seems to be split really cleanly down political party lines. Honestly, I wonder if the main reason this kind of thing is seeing any traction is because repubs are against it, and libs are for whatever repubs are against because that's basically how the republican party has set themselves up. This kind of stuff usually starts with one repub overreacting and then falling to the Streisand effect.

    Not to put all the blame on the right; heaven knows the left has so many screws loose these days that "centrist" has come to mean "where the left used to be approximately 1 year ago". I just think the bigger picture keeps getting lost with this kind of stuff and it ends up turning into rage porn.

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