I don’t know what to do

After so long of asking my wife for 3 sum with another female she did this I’m surprised how much she loved it she has only gone and told me now that she’s been bisexual for about 7 years she’s always found females attractive we been together 15 years she said she would like to do this more but the main thing is she said to me what would I do if she wanted a relationship with another girl she said it be nice but will I be ok with this really don’t know what to do now it’s all come out of the blue saying she’s bisexual and wanting a relationship

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  • Be careful what you wish for.

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  • Play stupid games, win shitty prizes.

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  • Your fault.

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  • I dont like thr sound of her having a "relationship" with a girl. You may want to do some investigating because she might already have one. Unfortunately women dont cheat the same as men they have feelings for who they fuck. But thats actually bad because they will leave you for them.

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  • Yes, it's normal.

    The fact is that a lot fewer people are pure mono heterosexual than certain religions would like you to believe (and what the past cultural standard said you should be in many parts of the world).

    I do understand that you are disappointed and looking for answers.

    I suggest that you start reading up on Human Sexuality.

    I wish you best in figuring things out.

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  • I had a girl leave me for a guy after 3 years. I was bummed but thought hey man, "she actually thinks he's better than me for her", so I let it go easily.

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