I don’t feel like life is worth living

I’ve been feeling like life isn’t worth living. It’s a feeling I can’t shake off. I been feeling like this because I’m tired of “surviving” living paycheck to paycheck I barely make enough money to pay my bills and when I do have that extra money to go out and do something, I have no one available to hang out with. I have a dog I love spending time with but work just drains all my energy so I don’t always have the energy to take my dog out. Just the thought of being like this for the rest of my life makes it seem not worth it. Monday through Friday work Saturday-Sunday rest then do it all again over and over again. I feel like I need a vacation but have no vacation time at my job. And I just have this constant pressure on my shoulder from being the main provider of my family I’m only 21 and I have my mom, my younger brother, and my uncle (who can not read or write) depending on me to keep us a float. Sometimes the stress just gets to me and it feels like it’s gonna be like this forever. I’m just out here surviving and not really living. I’ve tried looking for a better paying job but I have anxiety and I start to feel like I can’t handle that job or I don’t have the skills for that job.

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