I dislike conservatives

As a conservative myself I dislike and get more annoyed by conservatives than liberals. It is my opinion that conservatives are less conservative today than democrats were 10 years ago. I hear conservatives all the time say they support gay marriage, mass immigration, saying homosexuality is genetic, and generally just bending their knee because they are scared of being labeled a "ism" word. They also often times watch FoxNews and argue MSM is not controlled opposition. If I felt they actually have this opinion on their own I wouldnt dislike but I know 90% of them its pure cowardice.

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  • Those are cuckservatives, not real conservatives.

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    • I expect liberals to be nuts but nothing is worse than a cowardly conservative. The whole point in being a conservative man is being a masculine man. How you gonna bend the knee to beta males and transgenders on the other side? Imagine having to fight along side ppl like this.

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  • So you dislike conservatives because they're not radical enough? Tell me about it Mussolini

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  • Conservative isn’t a philosophy. It’s a position relative to a person’s time, place and culture. Same thing with liberal. Their positions will always be changing as the world around them changes. What would have been a radical liberal in the 1950’s would be a radical conservative now. What would have been a moderate liberal in the 1990’s would be a moderate conservative now.

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  • Why do you think I tout myself as libertarian than conservative dispite voting far more for the conservative side?

    Generally they do stuff more beneficial for me than disappoint.

    That being said I probably wouldnt be dubbed libertarian by other libertarians and vice versa with an arbitrary ideal of what libertarian is. The conservatives are probably in that same boat. Everyone is at "war" with eachother but mostly against your own party.

    In my opinion conservatives have been pointing more fingers and blocking solutions (most of them being terrible) than purporting their own solutions into the mix.

    I did like the removal of the IRS proposal though. Should of started with the ATF.

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  • Permanent White House runs everything. The illusion of choice is meant to placate the masses.

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  • Radicals on both sides are terrible in my opinion

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