I died at least 100 times

I beat crysis 2 but I died at least 100 times. Does this mean I really fucking suck or has anyone else had an fps game where they died this many times

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  • I don't really like FPS games. Fun to mess around with friends like in something like Battlefield, where you can crash an airplane into your friends, or they blow you up with a tank, but in general you gotta train yourself for FPS games.

    I was kinda good at CS as a kid, but then I shifted more towards racing games, simulators, whatever gta is, rpgs, etc...

    And the stories are almost always the same... You are an American soldier and it's up to you to save the world. But unlike in real life, where good soldiers get promoted, you remain a low ranking grunt throughout the whole campaign.

    Never played Crysis. Friend of mine says it's brilliant. Couldn't get the first to run on my PC back then, never bothered with the second one.

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  • I've played the first Crysis and I died probably more than that. I kept thinking I'd get better but as the game got harder I only died more and more. I never got how people could play that game so easily.

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  • I never keep count, but there are some games like this where I die loads. On others I might never, or hardly ever, die because I'm really good. I don't care. You play for fun.

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    • I kinda suck at shooters, but in GTA V I only died a few times on really sucky missions.

      I played the campaign as if I was in the game. Being cautious and smart about what I do and how I do it.

      Including cautiously doing burnouts in front of cops just to piss them off XD

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