I didn't talk out loud while playing as a kid? (sorry for long desc)

When I was younger, I never talked out loud while playing with toys. I would just think things/the toy's dialogue in my head instead of saying them. I'm not sure why I did this. When I was little, if my younger sister asked me to play, I'd usually talk (simply because she wouldn't be able to play along otherwise). So basically, what I'm wondering is whether this is normal behavior for a child. If it isn't and/or somebody has an idea of why I just happened to be on the quiet side when it came to play (with toys and just "playing pretend" with friends), I'd love to know. (Additional note that may be a useful detail: As a kid, whenever my friends and I would play pretend, I'd usually not talk and I'd almost 'expect' the other kids to somehow know what I was thinking and interact with the character I was playing as in the ways I planned it out in my head, and I would get very confused when they didn't do what I was expecting, even though they couldn't have possibly known what I was thinking if I didn't say it out loud. It was almost like I didn't realize that people all had different thoughts.)

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  • Same but i don't think i ever played pretend with other kids, I'd just tell them some shit to make them react as I wanted, kinda like they were toys too.

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  • I dunno, but I've always preferred stuffed animals to dolls. I don't really like dolls to tell you the truth.

    I once saw this episode of My Strange Addiction ....oops, I meant to say Hoarding: Buried Alive where this old bitch had collected so many baby dolls that her house was full of them and there were so many in her attic that it was practically caving in her ceiling. Anyway there was a part where they showed a pile of dolls in here backyard that was almost as big as her house. I wanted to set that pile ON FIRE!

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