I despise people who take selfies

I want to kick them in the face. IIN?

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  • I hate the stupid faces girls make in photos nowadays and the stupid filters they use, not just selfies.

    It's the reason why I don't have many pictures of me and my girlfriend together on facebook, or on any of my devices.

    Cause she almost always has to do a stupid face in the picture. Either duckface, or Miley Cirus tongue, or slap a dumb instagram filter and I do not understand it.
    What is the appeal? What's the idea?

    So many girls are absolutely beautiful when they smile, but they keep insisting to look like a duck's ass, or a drooling idiot. Is it supposed to be sexy? Quirky? Empowering? I don't get it. I don't get a boner, nor do I feel respect, or naughty thoughts coming up when I see such a picture. I only sigh in disapproval.

    Anyway, I've told my girlfriend to keep the duckfaces, pouty faces and other shenanigans on her social media.
    I occasionally do stupid faces too, so I make her happy and she can go annoy everyone with a selfie of us together with dumb captions such as #blessed #selfie and #withmyman
    Only rule is to keep that garbage off my facebook page.

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  • Is this still a thing?

    I mean I thought all the social media servers were completely full from people taking so many selfies?

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  • Lol back in Is It Normals heyday, when they allowed profile pics there were a lot of regulars uploading selfies(myself included). It was nothing dumb like puckered lips, filters, or stupid poses I see on Facebook. It was just a natural looking, happy person smiling. I like selfies like that. They're honest and nice to look at. I take it you would've hated some of the former regulars then? XD

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  • Just laugh at them instead.

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  • Yes!!! Puckered up fish face selfies need to be kicked in the head.

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  • Capturing moments with friends isn't the problem, it's the superficiality of making trendy silly faces or attaching filters or showing off fun backgrounds for the sake of seeking approval from others on social media that corrupts it.

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  • I take naked selfies in the bath and send them to my husband. I don't take selfies in any other context.

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  • Never really understood why people would take selfies.
    the only reason I ever took a picture of myself is for If I needed it for something like an email or something.

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