I crave alcohol so badly, but i'm underaged and i have barely drunk

I've only ever been mildly buzzed from 1 ale, but I had the cravings before my 1st drink anyway. Every time I see bottles of lighter alcohol, I crave them so badly. It's like I've been dehydrated all day or something.

I even had a dream last night that I drank 2 beers from under my bed. They were like nectar from a flower of Eden to a hummingbird.

I'm sure the cravings are in large part due to my anxiety, and the worse that's gotten, the more I want a drink. I imagine drinking would be just what the doctor ordered.

Only it wouldn't be. Drinking ages exist for a reason, and I don't want to form a dependence upon alcohol, or worse imo, damage my developing brain (like I need to get stupider).

I'm gonna make a wild guess and say I'm not headed on a good path with this.

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  • So you are a fledgling, future alcoholic?

    You probably crave alcohol, because you yearn to relax, and feel less anxious.

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  • This is a Hint of what's to Come if you don't Stop now. Feel appreciative that you had this Revelation from the Jump. Alcohol is more Addicting than any other Substance on Earth.

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  • Steal your parents' liquor.

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    • They don't drink.

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  • Fee Fi fo fum.
    I smell a troll, here I cum.
    If you want alchohol but cant buy it, or steal it.
    Just make your own.
    This shit will teach you patience lad.
    1 bottle welches grape jelly.
    2 cups sugar.
    1 packet yeast.
    add skin temp water.
    total about 5 liter.
    keep covered.
    stir as needed, when it becomes calm.
    strain it. Mix it. Drink it.
    Youll soon know where you fit in on the drinking scale.
    Drinking ages?
    Really dumbass?
    In europe, and asia we start at an early age and learn to drink respocibly.
    you wait till youre 21 and binge drink.

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    • Why do you think I'm a troll? Also, that recipe for alcohol is interesting, but really sugary. There's no way I'd try to make my own liquor though. People have poisoned themselves with moonshine or homemade alcohol.

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      • Youre a dumbass.
        the yeast needs and eats the sugar.
        It turns it into alchohol.
        If your to much of a pus to try it.
        You arent a concern.
        just a troll.
        You can take it a step further and distil your homemade wine into cognac.
        But that requires effort.
        Something you lack.

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        • Btw, the way that you type makes it seem like you should be rhyming, like this-

          You're mean, lol
          But I'm not a troll

          I don't lack effort 'cause I don't wanna make alcohol
          Something which I shouldn't even be doing at all

          I know sugar makes yeast grow
          Because I be makin' that dough

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  • Welllll it's a good thing you know now before you have unlimited access. It is most definitely not normal or ok to strongly crave alcohol & having feelings like that gives you a strong, strong propensity for a serious alcohol problem.

    Get that under control or avoid it altogether because it will fucking destroy you

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