I cant stop eating

I have always had eating problems. Even as a kid. I finally reached 200 pounds and now I’m scared

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  • Just dont let anyone tell you you're beautiful the way you are. Fat ppl arent beautiful. Its not normal to eat degenerate food even if its advertised and in pop culture. Next time you go to a grocery store I want you to look in the shopping cart of all the fat ppl in the store. Whatevers in that dont eat it. Their carts are always filled with junk.

    You CAN get skinny and you'd be shocked how easy it actually is if you have any balls whatsoever.

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  • If you stop eating you’ll die.

    So keep eating guy.

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  • Yes! You can! I believe in you. Start counting calories every day. Don't even change your eating habits, just count for a week so you can identify where you go wrong (for instance, maybe there's a specific time of day you start overeating, or something in your life is affecting the eating habits). Then see where you can make changes and do it. (drinking 200 calories a day in sugary soda can be swapped for diet soda or water, for instance)

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  • If eating is your coping mechanism to deal with emotional problems, ... find a different coping mechanism. Google "healthy coping mechanisms" and try something else. Change your diet to include more veggies and less snacks. Don't eat after 8 pm. Try to get your dinner at 7 pm the latest, and don't grab any late night snacks.

    Get into walking. Start slow with 15 minutes every day. Build it up gradually over time.

    You will start seeing improvements in your weight after about 3 months. Take your time. Don't panic, just gradually change your lifestyle to adopt healthier habits. You're gonna be ok.

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  • Have your hormones checked and get help for losing your weight.

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  • I've had a few friends ask for my help losing weight but I'm not an expert so I can only help and say so much.

    I've never had problems with food and I've always been skinny so I'm sorry but I don't really have any experience myself to draw from.

    All I can really do is say things I've noticed of those friends and what they have told me.

    200 is far from irreversible or unmanageable. My advice is to seek help before it gets any worse.

    It's an addiction like any other addiction. It won't go away if you don't take the first step in seeking help.

    That's really all you can do for now is make yourself take that first step.

    Willpower won't come over night and yes you will have relapses. It's not going to be easy but the first step is always the most important one.

    Food like anything else if consumed in excess is basically poison. But it's not something like meth that you can avoid entirely. The only solution is moderation.

    Find someone you trust to help you make a plan, help you find a dietician/nutritionalist, encourage you, support you when you relapse, etc.

    Don't view it as being forced to permanently give up all the foods you love either. That's a trap I've seen make people lose motivation and give up entirely.

    That is what cheat days are for. Use cheat days to eat some of your favorite foods and use the earning of cheat days as motivation.

    It's not easy but it does get easier. You will eventually settle into a routine. Hunger pangs will get smaller and smaller until your stomach adapts to your new diet.

    As your stomach shrinks back to normal size the hunger pangs will go away and you'll notice you get fuller easier which will lead to you eating less.

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    • It depends on the person's height. BMI is a better indicator of health than just the person's weight alone. 200 lbs on a tall person looks very different from 200 lbs on a short person. Yes it is manageable, but it will take time, discipline, commitment and patience. I think a healthy method of weight loss would take at least one year. Maybe more. OP will start seeing results in 3 months, but it will take longer than that to reach the ideal desired weight OP wants.

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