I can't tell if this guy likes me :/

I like this guy but i think he liked me first- there's a couple signs i guess-

(we haven't known each other for super super long so there isnt really another explanation)

-unnecessary touching
-gives me shit
-asks if im bi or fully gay
-the way he talks to me
-fully dilated pupils
-talks to me more than anyone else in the friend group
-constantly showing memes and stuff
-he says stuff to his friend like "ah no im not gonna tell her yet" and his friend would say like "god just tell her already i told (crush's name)"

maybe it's just me hoping that he likes me too but idk i just have the feeling

(vote yes its normal if you think he does, vote no its not if you think he doesn't)

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  • Sounds pretty immature if you ask me. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • You already know if he likes you or not. Trust your gut on this one.

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  • Impossible to answer with the "evidence given".

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  • I am not sure if he really likes you to have a serious relationship. He does sound very controlling. The touching, giving you shit, etc. If you do start a relationship, just make sure you are treating well, if not end the relationship.

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