I can't stop swearing

I don't know when it started, but I've begun swearing a lot in the past two years. It's not swearing angrily, it's more like using a lot of rude words in even when I'm not trying to offend a person. For example, I use the word 'shit' a lot. Example: When talking with a friend at a mall: ''Hey, do you wanna buy some of that crap?'' ''Does this goddamn shirt look bloody good on me?''

It just comes out of my mouth naturally, and I use cuss words as most substitutes for nouns and verbs, even when I'm not trying to be rude. Example: (holding pasta) ''Bro, wanna try some of this fucking shit?'' even though I mean no offense to the pasta.

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  • Crap is a swear? How old are you 12? Goofy fucking brits.

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  • That's fuckin nasty!

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  • Fucking fuck sake,its fucking fairly fucking normal!

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  • It happens. When you're so used to using those words in everyday situations, it can be difficult. I've had depositions for damage claims I've worked, and, yeah..Had to catch myself a few times answering questions without saying "I don't fucking know", or "Fuck, no, sir".. Can't really be on legal record like that, so I'm careful. Does go through my mind, though..

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  • It's not really normal, but I do it too. Mostly around people I know or when I'm in my hometown since everyone does it there. If I'm in one of those fancy towns I try to censor my language. I'm trying to clean it up more for every situation and it's kind of hard. If your cursing bothers you perhaps you should try to clean it up?

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    • It doesn't bother me, I'm just worried that it bothers the people around me. Hmm, I'll do my best :)

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  • It's pretty normal, almost everyone swears.

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  • Habit = cue > routine > reward

    Cue and reward can't change, but your routine can. Pay attention to how you feel when you're about to curse. Try doing something different to give you that anxiety relief (or whatever your reward is).

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