I can't stand restaurants that are too loud or have poor acoustics

Maybe I am getting old but I cannot stand loud music or noise in restaurants. When I ask them to turn it down, they tell me they can't (which I know is a lie). I guess customer service is not a priority anymore, just selling product which is just pathetic.

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  • I'm a stickler for for high quality customer service in restaurants above all places. People more often than not come to restaurants with family and friends to engage in the ancient tradition of eating with others, gathering together, talking and telling stories. On it's service it's eating food, but in reality it's a bonding experience with your family/friends (tribe) and who wants to be in an establishment that drowns out the conversation with music that is too loud?

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  • Go to a different restaurant?

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  • I hate that as well and I'm 20, so it's not you or your age.

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  • Totally. Conversations and general noise are so loud in most restaurants I've been too lately. I don't know a single one without that problem, so I avoid going.

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  • Tell the restaurant about the loud music and you cannot have a table conversation. Let them know you're not coming back. Too bad for them.

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    • I should bring in a decibel meter and inform that common sense dictates nothing over a certain intensity. I hope businesses get penalized with this stupid behavior.

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