I can't move on

i met this girl years ago online. we talked for years and had a very strong bond. our relationship was rocky, but we always got through it. even when we were speaking it was obvious that we were fixated on one another, as she even named her cat after me. she died. i know this is true as we had mutual friends (although we never got to meet irl) and saw posts about her death on her friends and familys instagram and facebook. i can't seem to get over this and i've become obsessed with my relationships with other people in hopes of finding someone just like her. i haven't had my life in order in a long time. can someone please offer me advice?

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  • It hurts, yes. But you also need to open up ur door for others. You might not meet somebody like her but you can meet somebody better than her, you just have to accept she's gone and to just open up urself now. She'll be happy once she sees you happy.

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  • you have to accept her death, let the grief and guilt go, dont let that emotional trauma pull you down, you got this man

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  • Im sorry to hear that. You have to find another one. Thats all you can do. Its gonna hurt. Thats life tho. Life is a bitch.

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