I can't maintain or find quality female friends iin

I'm 26f and can't maintain female friends and I have been through a load! They seem ever so fickle or simply ditch me with no explanations as to WHY.


I really miss having a lady friend and laughing, teasing and bantering away

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  • The problem is most probably with you. There are so many intelligent, nice women out there and you know what? Those intelligent women sometimes have small talk and then can discuss about politics.

    And making friends just happen. You don't go out looking for this or that in people and then decide to befriend them.

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    • I thought politics was a topic to avoid when making friends 🤔

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  • With stuff like this I noticed it comes down to two things: either you're having bad luck or you have something about you that repels people.

    If it's bad luck, I'm guessing that the people in your town or nearby town are of bad quality. Looking for friends in other towns and places might benefit you.

    If it's not bad luck, what trait might you have that repels people? The most common ones I've seen are clingy, unable to control mental issues, overly sensitive, or have extremist views. If none of these apply to you, simply chalk it up as bad luck. People suck and we're all going to run into sucky people. Best to replace the sucky ones you meet with better ones anyway.

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    • Well thanks cuntsuccessful you indeed give more of sound advice on this site.
      I mean I am an HSP so if I am triggered about something I don't agree with or don't like I will have my say and very directly. It seems i have been told I have a strong personality because either don't like people either trying to sway me into believing whatever it is I don't agree with or I generally don't like to feel I am being walked over 🙃
      I am a liberal and am for human rights type person.
      Id like to meet people who can handle this fiery side of me and understand I usually only amd very opinionated in areas I feel there lies injustice

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