I can never finish a food or drink

It's not because I don't want to, but my stomach feels so full. Like I can't drink an entire 16.9 ounce bottle of water because it's too much, or even finish 1 banana. I cut up a banana in my cereal, but it's so much and overflows the bowl. Can I somehow save half of it for later?

It's not a medical thing. It's just like my stomach doesn't have the capacity for all that food or drink at one time. But American portions are enormous, even a bottle of water. Or if I want strawberries, I can only buy 1 pound instead of just a few individual ones.

Is it normal to only be able to eat a little bit at a time? I don't get it

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  • I can't eat large portions either. I always look for small bananas because I can't finish one either. Unless I make it a smoothie and drink it. Which sounds good. I should make a smoothie tomorrow.

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  • If I can't finish something I usually will put it in the fridge and then eat it the next day.

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  • I'm the same way except I always finish my food because I have a compulsion not to waste it or leave leftovers

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  • Some people have smaller or larger appetites than others, and sometimes your appetite fluctuates as well. I sometimes go through spells where I have a very small appetite (especially during warm/hot weather) and can easily get two or three meals out of one normal sized one. I do agree that American portions are often large and that it's hard to find smaller quantities of food in the grocery store. As someone buying for only myself, it seems like everything comes in way too big of portions and it's not unusual for me to end up throwing out food because it went bad before I could use it up and it isn't available in smaller quantities.

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