I can hear sounds but not people talking

Definitely at least 50% of the time I don’t hear what people say to me when I’m listening, but I hear sounds fine. What the fuck.

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  • everybodys talkin at me
    i dont hear a word theyre sayin
    only the echoes of my mind

    people stopping starin
    i cant see their faces
    only the shadows of their eyes

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  • Same. I actually have above average hearing from hearing tests I have done. My hearing is crazy sensitive but most of the time I can not hear what people say, its just all mumble. I am always saying "WHAT"

    If I am watching tv the littlest back ground noise completely cuts out the tv.

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  • I'd say that's not normal. You should probably go to get your hearing checked and explain your scenario. They might know what the problem is straight away.

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  • This is weird, dude. Defo not normal. I listen to audiobooks when drifting off at night, and even when I'm paying no attention to it, I still understand the words.

    Idk, dude. There must be something for this; there's a medical illness for people who think they're dead, lol, so there's bound to be other people with this, but I would also guess, if I'm understanding what you're meaning from this, that it's very unusual

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  • I farted

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  • Reminds me of "The Sound Of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel/Disturbed

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  • You just have trouble to focus because you don't pay attention to the person talking to you. You're probably a very selfish person.

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