I can cope with extreme temperature if i am ignorant about the data

There's nothing all of us would like more than 75 degrees weather all year around. Lots of sunshine but not too much of it. But hell, the weather is going to be crap for most of the year. These are forces beyond your control.

But I found out that if I remain willfully ignorant of the temperature data, it helps my mind focus on other things and I don't feel even a tenth as miserable. So, I deleted the weather apps, and stopped watching CNN Or other news channels.

There's rains, of course. But, I don't mind a little drizzle.

Of course, if there's something very serious like a blizzard or a storm, you will get an SOS warning on all channels and social media.

I just think it's pointless, and even counterproductive to keep track of temperature data on a daily basis.

My approach seems to be working so far. So, is it all there is to it? All these feelings about the weather are just a state of the mind? Looks like the human body is capable of dealing with extreme weather after all. It's just the news channels that make it sound worse.

Anyone else agree?

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  • I thinks it’s cool for other people to monitor the weather. But I don’t personally care. I prefer night anyhow, when I can see a few stars.

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  • Nice theory.
    But, go outside on Maui in January.
    Your bikini and a beach towel.
    Pass out drunk on the beach.
    Now try that in Montana, etc.
    You can tell yourself whatever you like.
    Frost bite, hypothermia, and death don't listen to your self talk.
    If you dont like crap weather.

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  • I only pay enough attention to know when I can start biking to work.

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  • Maybe its the new moon. People are acten manic

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