I can’t stand it when someone calls me “sweetie”

Cause the reason I can’t stand it cause it’s too cutesy a name to call someone like me that but I don’t mind being called “Darlin”Honey”,Cutie pie and what have you it’s just that name is the one that just bugs me the most.

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  • Sweetie, most people have good intentions when they say that.

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  • I don't like it unless its a sweet southern woman :)

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  • As someone who eats an inordinate amount of chocolate, I don’t so much like it, but I accept it

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  • I also loathe “sweetie”. It’s rare someone calls me that.

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  • Yeah same! There is nothing worse than a low i.q. man calling me, "sweetheart" in a condescending way; just knowing how mentally superior I am and how I would love to fix him of his ignorance in so many ways.
    But if the context is kind I actually appreciate feminine and chivalrous pet names, even from a stranger.

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  • My guess is that the term of endearment has unpleasant associations for you. Maybe during your childhood someone you really did not like used it habitually?

    There's usually some sort of at least vaguely logical reason for us reacting how we do, although sometimes its difficult to pin down what it is because it's buried so deeply in our heads.

    Of course, context and tone always matters. It's possible to use "sweetie" in an incredibly patronising and belittling way, and also to mean it in a genuinely affectionate way.

    But maybe you're talking about situations where you have no relationship with the person using the term. Some people just get into the habit of using words like that as a sort of social grease. Where I live, it's very common for female cashiers in supermarkets or whatever to use the term "darlin'". So I hand over my money, and they say, "Thanks, darlin'". It doesn't mean anything more than that they're trying to be friendly in a distant, passing sort of way.

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  • It's an endearment I've had a ton of girls I knew call me that.

    It's no different than someone calling another person darling or honey ( I mean I've had a few teachers call me honey. )

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  • Its usually older folks that call ppl sweetie and honey and all that

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