I believe i am god

I believe I am god and have created the universe. I can fly and have superhuman powers.

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  • I believe you. Find a tall building and jump from it, prove the unbelievers wrong.

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  • "I am a God."
    - Posts on a below average populated website.


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  • Can you create women who just want to have sex and give massages

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  • Weak troll.

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  • You are not.

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  • It is called 中二病 in Chinese.

    It's very, very normal. Something that many teenagers experience, but some adults experience it as well. They think they're something that they aren't, sometimes they think they are characters in books.

    When I was in Grade 5, I had a friend who believes that she is a dragon. She has extreme contempt towards basically everyone whom she doesn't like. She thinks that human is an inferior race and she wants to wipe it out.

    She also thinks that she has the ability to program people's lives, basically to control their life span. She thinks that I have the ability as well although I don't really think I have.

    She also plays with invisible mushrooms with arms and legs. Actually I was the one who made it up for her, because...it's actually very fun to talk with her and I can randomly make up things just for fun!

    I had been the only one in our year whom she trusted, because...I don't know. So here's a summary of what happens between us:

    She: I'm a dragon.
    Me: Oh okay.
    She: You're a dragon too!
    Me: Umm...okay?
    She: You know that stupid human we saw this morning? I don't like her; I'll decrease her life span by 5 years.
    Me: ...Yeah, if you want to.
    She: -picks up a blob of air- Here's a chocolate flavor mushroom!
    Me: Oh nice.

    You can imagine the rest...

    It's really normal. Some thinks that they are mermaids and some thinks that they're Gods/Goddesses. I once found someone asking, "Is there a spell to turn you into a mermaid? BTW I am also a witch" on yahoo answers. I suppose...that's also someone with 中二病 lolol

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  • fake

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  • I don't think God would come on isitnormal.com to reveal himself...
    If you are what you say you are,
    Why haven't you made social media acoounts?
    Tell me all about Heaven.
    What's your actual name?
    Do you REALLY have a beard?
    Why do you make the world suffer?
    Why do you let people die of starvation?
    Why is there racism?
    Why do you love us so much? Us, the arrogant bastards?
    When's the world going to end?
    How you end it?
    When were you born?
    Where does the Universe end?
    [insert millions of unanswered questions here]

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  • ...uh...how do you...uhhhhhh

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  • Cmon' this is just bad bait...

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  • So you believe that you don't exist?

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  • I believe I'm a horsey.

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  • believe away sweetheart

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  • Go notify all religious people.

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  • If you're God, can you tell me why my man chose his friend over me? Everything happens for a reason - what was the reason for this?

    ...can't tell me? That's what I thought.

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  • I will pray for you.

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  • O great one, do one of your most faithful acolytes a favour & give me the next 6 weeks lottery numbers.

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  • Nope.

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    • BUT I AM GOD! How dare you question my divinity!

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      • I was going to give you another much deserved thumbs down, but I will leave you be on account of the fact that you call yourself the PoopHoarder.

        That'll do PoopHoarder, that'll do.

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  • Pfft

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  • No you don't, lies.

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  • come fly up and clean my gutters

    ill serve triscuits afterwards if yall does a good job

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  • *bows* let me follow you

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  • For some reason, I doubt it.

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  • I have more money than God. Take that plebeian.

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