I believe a television show will be based off of me

I feel that my life is truly and exceptionally interesting, and I could easily be a character on a television show without even acting. And my life, just a documentary of my life would probably get more views than most of the crap that the TV stations have. Honestly, I feel like I'm not just an ordinary person or even close to one. I feel almost like a mythical character of sorts, though I cannot say exactly what I am meant to represent.

I honestly believe that the media and the powers that be have paid a lot of attention to me, not because they are out to get me or anything. But simply because they find my life so interesting that they want to use me as a character for a show or run stories on me through the mass media.

Like there was this once that this girl broke up with me over Facebook. And I swear to God, my computer started malfunctioning that night. Someone was definitely watching me. I could just tell. It would malfunction, and my camera even flickered. It was probably the powers that be, wondering how they should use that chapter of my life as inspiration for a television show.

Everywhere I go, I am the center of attention. Even if I don't mean to be. But it's usually positive, everyone just finds me and my life fascinating. They can't help it.

I feel like the mass media could be watching me, to try to run a story about me or something, simply because of how interested people would be in it. Because of the sheer number of views that it would get. But maybe they'd change my name in it, and just use me as a character or something without even telling me. I could be wrong, but honestly... I feel that not using me as an inspiration for a TV character would be their loss. And I hope that they are, because I am truly a mythical person.

Because really, I'm not just an ordinary person. I can't exactly explain it, but there is something really incredible about me. Something that almost doesn't even seem real.

I could see that night, my computer was malfunctioning. I think the powers that be probably hacked me, not because they were after me or anything. But because they realized how fascinating my life is, and they realized that they could capitalize by basing a character for a TV show off of me.

I'm also one of the smartest people on the planet, which would just add to the popularity of the show most likely. There aren't many people who are anything like me, and I'm sure that the "overlords" so to speak can see that.

I still havent' seen the character yet. But one day, I'll know. Because I'll see that there is a television character that has had a life that is so similar to mine..... that I can't tell it apart. Or there will at least be parts of it that are so relatable that I'll recognize it.

And if I'm wrong and they aren't using me as the basis of a television character..... they are missing the fuck out. Because honestly my life SHOULD have a TV show based off of me. I can't imagine anything more interesting happening in the world than the incredible things that I see and live every day.

I really hope that I'm right here, because using me as a television character would be the best decision ever for any major network. There is something about me that is not like other people. I'm simply so much smarter, so much more interesting than all the idiots that they have on reality TV and everything else.

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  • I couldn't even read a quarter of that because it was so fucking boring.

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    • Don't fib, you were riveted by that! Edge of your seat! Heart pumping, heavy breathing, sweating,...

      Ok fine, yeah it was kind of... long.
      BUT - you must admit, it cloud be a boring show. (shrug)

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    • words pulled out of my mouth

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  • Dude I wrote a very long post about how I felt sorry for a neglected old Mercedes and bought it to restore it and it was more interesting than this...

    I only got up to where you broke up on facebook, got bored and here we are...

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  • Yeah okay we get it you masturbate to yourself in the mirror.

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  • Man that was so booooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg!
    Because I can speed read a bit, the gist of the this long winded bullshit, was you saying how special you are............. You're not.

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  • how does 'An Excellent Camera' flicker? also, since you were on 'An Excellent Social-Media Site', it could have been watching you through your 'Excellent Camera'.

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  • Hey Hansberger. Go take your Lithium.

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  • This has to be a joke.

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    • It's the blitherings of Hansberger, in his bipolar cyber cage. Life is a zoo. Even cripples can get tattooed up and capitalize on their own misfortune. The Internet gives them outreach options. Kind of like Victory Church of the Freaks.

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  • One thing you aren't exceptional at; brevity.

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  • Yawn...............

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