I am madly in love with my teacher

I am in love with my teacher. We started liking each other a lot when I was 15. I have known him for few years now. He drove me home saying he likes me when I was underage at the time.

He always teases me, fake fights with me, touches me (not in a pervy way), looks at me all the time, compliments me, flirts and does similar things.

We text a lot. Sometimes we will not talk at school, but he'll text me every time afterwards. It's my last year at this school and I'm wondering if something is going to happen. He never does anything similar with anyone.

I would never be able to tell him how I feel tho. I always think about the fact that he's maybe just a player and doesn't mean it, but on the other hand he does that just with me. I would love to come to him and tell him everything, but what if I embarass myself? What if we never talk again, because I'd tell him? I think of him 24/7, catch myself daydreaming about him. When he's not around I feel bummed and when I am not in school I get a text from him saying where am I.

BUT once again, what if he likes me back? So many of my friends make fun of us, when he is around they say things to him, that have something in common with me. That basically means they can see what is happening right?

We both are adults, I'm gonna be no longer in the school, so there is nothing standing between us. I think he is maybe scared to say something?

What do you guys think? I am confused & don't know what to think and do.

I think the best thing you could ever do when you really like someone is telling them. Even if you're a teacher really liking your student, it helps a lot even tho it is very hard to do.
Are any teachers here, that ever liked/loved their students? What did you do? Did it end good?

Thanks for the answers & sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.

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  • How old is he? What is the age gap? Is he married or in a relationship? You mentioned moving on to another school. Take a while to calm down but after some time you still have the same feelings then just open up and tell him. To be honest I think it's just a school girl crush.

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    • I thought that too, but I had a crush for few years on him before it turned into this whole thing. He is 27, I am 18, so I'm 9 years younger. He broke up few months ago. Thank you very much for your comment and advice.

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  • If you're legal now, open up. Years ago, I coached girl's softball, and knew a few of the girls would be gorgeous when they got older. While I had no interest in them back them, and the older ones really weren't much younger than me at the time, part of my brain thought..Maybe, when she's older and more on the same page as me.

    Several years later, I was chatting with a very attractive, blue-eyed woman in an area bar (I'd moved many years before, but was visiting), she said her name, and I was surprised "Lisa?" As in.." and said her last name. She laughed and said wondered how long it would take for me remember who she was, that I was her coach.

    Things went well, we had fun, and, as we were both adults and on the same page..Yes, I left with her and had sex with her at her house. We enjoyed each other, she admitted having a huge crush on me back then, and I told her what I said up above..That I knew a certain few girls would be beautiful when they got older, mostly her. And I meant it.

    We started seeing each other, doing the distance thing, however, as usually happens in those cases, was very difficult. Decided to basically be FWB when I visited, and have done fairly well with that since then.

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  • Just open up and tell him, or....just open up and show him!

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  • You said he drove you home and told you he likes you and you were underage at the time, that means he's a paedophile.

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    • I don't think so. In our country the legal sex age is 15, so he isn't if we were in Europe. Also, when I was 15 I looked 19, you could never tell I was 15.
      So he basically liked a 19 year old, even tho he knew my age. It sounds stupid, but you get it.

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    • https://youtu.be/IqTerZkJaCU

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  • Reminds of the ABBA song "When I Kissed The Teacher" lol.


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  • Go for it!! You need it both and you want it both!!

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  • So long as your now legal then I'd tell him how you feel. Hopefully it ends up well for you, and he probably does like you if he told you he did before. I think lordofopinions might be right with "To be honest I think it's just a school girl crush. " but that's no reason not to go for it.

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