I am embarrased of my father

Is it normal to be embarrassed of my father's proffesion as an Avon seller.

All my pals shout "yer da sells Avon" to me and i just smile but it kills me inside.

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  • If it puts food on the table, that's all that matters. He's not doing something illegal. Your pals are dumbasses.

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  • It's an unusual line of work for a man, but there are many less socially-positive jobs he could have: drug dealer, reality TV star, arms dealer, Scientology auditor, lawyer, spokesman for Donald Trump, and so on.

    At least he's making an effort to support his family. Lots of men don't.

    And anyway, it's part of the job of fathers to be embarrassing to their children when they hit a certain age. If you have half a brain, you'll grow up to appreciate his positive qualities as a human being.

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  • Keep smiling and these idiots will get tired of baiting you. It's normal for young people to be embarrassed by their parents, so if it wasn't about the Avon it would probably be something else.

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    • Tell them it's a cover story. He actually makes a fortune selling fake Rolexes (Roladexes) and plated grilles and leanahs in the ghetto.

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  • 👌👈

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  • It could be worse. He could be a lawyer.

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  • I haven't bought anything from Avon in over twenty years.

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