I am an indian girl, 30 years. i am depressed because of my mother-in-law

I can understand that a 'Mother-in-law' in any country, corner can be tough. I am an Indian girl, I used to be simple, with some interest and passion in my dreams which I thought I would achieve it someday.......
But unfortunately after my marriage, I experienced severe verbal abuse, insults, domination from my mother-in-law. She dominates and literally controls everybody at home. She feels that her two sons are her property, and that the wifes must hardwork and serve the family..
so much of aggression, ego... what shoud I do?
Its been more than 4 years, I have been living with them. I have a 3 years old child. Mother-in-law conpletely takes over the child as well. I feel like I dont want to see another 'tomorrow' living in that hell.......
I do work but unable to concentrate on my work

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  • You genuinely have all of my sympathy.

    I have known other women from India in this situation and it sounds like fucking hell on earth. The Westerners usually advise you to move out, or kick her out... our world is different to your world and I know that those aren't realistic options for you.

    What's the wider family situation? Are your parents still alive? Do they have the means for you to live with them? What does your husband think of this? Does he see what his mother is like, does he support you emotionally?

    What would happen if you started to say no to your mother in law? Who else lives with you?

    Sorry for so many questions, I'm just trying to figure out what your options are

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  • Have you told your folks what's going on in your home?

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  • Get your husband to move out and get your own place. In a different town or even different country. If that doesn't work, just move out, by yourself, with your kid and be on your own.

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  • Unfortunately, the cultures and common practices in many counties allow that - and provide no real way for a Lady such as yourself to escape it.

    India is one such country based on a number of people I have met from there - and how common it is for multi-generations to live in the same household (or very close to each other).

    I feel for you; and have no idea of any quick or easy options for you to get out of such a situation as I don't know India that well.

    However, there may be a longer term - and harder route.

    Life is not fair (which is true in all countries and situations).

    The key to all success is personal continuing education and development. If you can start reading personal development and success books, and perhaps you may be able to start a home based business that leads to your financial - and life - independence. Such businesses do exist in India.

    PM me if you'd like to discuss more in private.

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  • I understand this is fairly common in India. I don't know what you can really do besides leave and search for a better life, preferably outside of India. Beautiful country but not the best place to be a woman.

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  • Can you move out?

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  • Your mother in law sounds like the biggest scum of the earth.

    Your best option is to get away from people like that.

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