I am almost always late to every job and no one cares?

I don't get why people make such a big deal about being on time to work. I have had 10 jobs in my life (never been fired) and not a single one gave a shit that I was almost always 10-20 minutes late. One time I was 30 minutes late to the 2nd day of a job (I never call in to tell them, either). None of my bosses has ever said anything about it to me. What's more is they always compliment my work and thank me for doing my job.

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  • If your boss doesn't complain, then this is a non-issue. Some jobs aren't time-constrained; so long as you end up doing what you're paid to do before the day ends, then you're good.

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  • Some bosses care and some don't you must have been lucky. I can't show up late to my job thats for sure!

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  • It probably depends on where you work. I tend to be running late quite often, and I've always gotten in trouble about it.

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  • Even if they say they don’t mind, it looks better if you show up on time or even a little early. This may help you get a raise in the future.

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