I am almost 30 and i have never kissed a girl

I don't say this easy. But i am almost 30 and i have never kissed anybody.

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  • Get out there and find her! she is waiting to be found by you! You deserve her! When the two of you are ready... GIVE HER A BIG WET ONE! :X or maybe she kisses you! YOU GET THE BIG WET ONE. Good luck xx

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  • I had my first kiss the summer before I was 18.

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  • I feel you.

    Same here, middle late twenties, had my first kiss at 25 with a random girl, at that moment I would have never thought it would ever happen...

    Later I sort of had a "girlfriend", didn't do anything sexual, but I confessed to her I have no experience at all, lol, I asked her to teach me how to kiss. We are not so much together anymore. So that's all I've done in my life.

    But to be honest, I never really enjoyed the kissing thing, before I did it, I hoped it would feel amazing like everybody says, but it didn't feel like anything much really to me, and I began avoiding it... Now I am single and very doubtful I'll ever be with anyone ever again.

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