I always want sex with my aunt

I do really want have sex with my aunt. Also I have seen her naked and fucking with my uncle. I always dreaming about her. Thought of having sex with her.

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  • Your thoughts are perverted.

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    • Actually I didn't mean to see her that like that. But It happened and they did that like I would never know but I was sleeping there. I'm still controlling myself. But sometime I can't.

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  • Fuck her if you get the chance, you only live once.

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  • I guess incest is normal. Cool I can definitely have sex now. Just watch porn and jack it or find someone to fuck and if the dreams dont stop then invite her for a threesome shes more likely to fuck you or at least the other girl.

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  • I think it's normal. She's still a human if your family memeber or not still a human. And she's the gender I assume youre regularly attracted too. I think many people are attracted to hot brothers or cousins or aunts or dads. They just keep it to them selfs and tell them selfs it's wrong because of society. Anyway if I were you I wouldn't act on my feelings. you can find other women in your area that are her age or that are just hot and have sex with them . Your aunt will remain a fantasy. Just find other hot ladies who are interested in you

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  • Chop off your dick and staple it to your forehead and slap her with your now - amputated dick.

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